our BIG project - a new start for the homeless in Reading
Rotary International - A Century of Service
The Rotary Club of Reading

in conjunction with the
Reading Single Homeless Project (RSHP)

We have recently opened the most ambitious project in the history of Reading Rotary Club.

Official opening

A permanent facility

A permanent facility comprising seven bed sitting room apartments to be owned by the Rotary Club but operated and managed by Reading Single Homeless Project (RSHP), for the benefit of Reading homeless people.

A second chance

A second chance for the occupants, often victims
of various forms of abuse, who need a permanent base from which to start rebuilding their lives.

A permanent marker to Celebrate the Centenary of Rotary

It will serve as a permanent marker to Celebrate the Centenary of Rotary and be a long term asset for the Reading Club.
Peter Webb - Project Director
“This project is the biggest and most ambitious project that the Rotary Club of Reading has ever been involved in. It seems wholly fitting that in our Centenary Year we are beginning this project that will leave a lasting point of hope for the homeless for decades to come.”

Peter Webb Project Director

Reading Single Homeless Project